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On-line Journal of Research on Irish Maritime History

The Objective of this site is to support and promote research into Irish maritime history.
We include some general maritime history and general Irish history.

Here we will publish articles, as well as identifying articles on other sites
We will suggest some material which may be of assistance to researchers
identify libraries, museums and other facilities
We will review books, list lecture programs and make other announcements

Encourage education and school programs, such as Comenius and 'Follow the fleet'
Participate in other like-minded projects, such as Wikipedia's WikiProject Irish Maritime.
The overall objective is to promote an appreciation of our maritime heritage.

Showcase of articles published here

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Dennis Collins – The One-Legged Sailor & the King


M.V. Plassy

Irish Poplar

Irish WWII Losses

The First World War at sea off West Cork

HMS A5 (Forgotten Submariners) Lost at Cobh

The Flanders Flotilla and U-Boat Alley

LOP 6 Howth Head

G2, the coast-watching service and the Battle of the Atlantic

Early Irish Free State Naval Activity


The Boyd Disaster

Simon Bolivar

John Richardson Wigham

John DeLap

Robert Gibbings, Underwater Artist

John Philip Holland (Submarines)

Francis Beaufort

Francis Beaufort (Wind Scale)

Italian Salvage Ships ai the Galley Head

MV Kerlogue

Rochdale and Prince of Wales

The Vasa, 50 years later

The sinking of Arandora Star

Amity (1701) The Dunworley Slave Ship

Crescent City

ID photo of Austin Gill

M.V. Kilkenny by Austin Gill

Fethard Lifeboat Disaster.

Moyalla Salvaged

The Mystery of the Titanic

SS Lochgarry


A Riddle of Sand- The Kish Bank

The East India Company at Dundaniel

The Dublin Port Diving Bell

Lost to Time and Tide

A History of Diving in Ireland

Dublin Shipyards

Concrete Ships

Morven Disaster. December, 1906.


M.V. Plassy

The Wreck of the Bolivar